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Celebrating the Past 25 Years of HOPE

HOPE is honored to have been serving the global community for 25 years.

HOPE is honored to have been serving the global community for 25 years. From the opening of the first children’s home in Nepal in 1994 to being active in 7 regions around the world. Working toward sustainability, better healthcare and education, and creating a positive impact for children, families, and communities, HOPE is proud to be a force for change.

We invite you to join with us as we look to the future of HOPE. Help us build a solid foundation for the future, for the next generations to stand on.

Become a Foundational Cornerstone of Hope for the Nations . . .
Become a Pillar of HOPE

Today, more than 20,000 children are directly impacted by the work of Hope for the Nations. They are growing into adults who are raising their own families, affecting change in their own communities, and even impacting government policies in their countries.


By supporting the grassroots of HOPE, you’re choosing to enable the support of projects and agents all over the globe.

“Since we started Hope for the Nations some twenty five years ago, we have found our greatest strength was working with grassroots organizations in the areas in which we had a desire to affect change. Our Agents identify the needs in their communities and we resource into them to help meet the challenges they face.”

Nick Arkle, Advisory Committee Chair – Hope for the Nations

Stories of Impact

Over the years, HOPE has had a positive impact around the globe on families, children, communities, and more. Through scholarships and educational initiatives, we’ve been able to create opportunity where before there was none.


Here are two stories of children impacted by HOPE programs. Raised or supported by children’s programs in their respective countries, George and Pannee have since grown into young adults who are now forging their own stories . . .


Mai Sai, Thailand

I went to the Mai Sai Home in May 2007. I’m currently studying to be a nurse, but would like to eventually become a doctor, and make a difference in the lives of children in my village.


Mtwapa, Kenya

This is my first day at work in Nairobi. I am proud of what I’ve accomplished so far. Thank you so much Grandpa and Hope for the Nations for the love and support.


of the Future

children at risk becoming
children of change

Annual Cost - $ 100,000

Our Pillar Program raises funds for the essential foundational elements of Hope for the Nations. As an NGO, HOPE requires funding in order to provide support for the numerous agents and projects all over the world.

By donating to the Pillar Program, you’re making the decision to support HOPE at its very foundations, enabling us to continue supporting and coordinating projects to the betterment of the global community.